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Recently, my husband and I began to visit model homes with the intention of building our new home in Hernando County within the next few years. When we came upon Bozzi Builders, we immediately felt comfortable with the Bozzi family and their staff at the model center. It was then that we knew we wanted to do business with Bozzi Builders.

What started out as a business relationship, has flourished into a close, personal friendship with the Bozzi family. They have continuously been generous with their time, and have displayed nothing less than the utmost professionalism, while building our home.

Dorothy & Albert Oemcke

I feel as though I am most fortunate to be among the many families that can truly say how happy we are with the home that we live in now, built by Bozzi Builders.

We have resided in this home now for three years, and we still continue to say, it is a well built home and an attractive home at the same time. We also have pleasant memories of Bozzi Builders and continue to get compliments on the exterior and interior appearance of our home.

Leonard & Patricia Cameron

Bozzi Builders Inc, is family owned and operated, which may explain the degree of success this builder has achieved in satisfying its customers. Robert (Bob) Bozzi has been building homes since 1981.

And building homes in Hernando County for over a decade has made Bozzi Builders a staple in the West Central Florida home building community.

Bozzi Builders long term success begins and ends with a commitment to customers, providing quality construction, innovative designs, and dynamic customer service.

The standard features included in every Bozzi home are considered upgrades by some builders. At Bozzi Builders we do not feel that you should pay extra for quality!

Our results speak for themselves, you can see the quality craftsmanship put into every home by visiting our new model center, coming soon. Call us toll free at 1-888-922-6994 or contact us by email.

Also please note that this web site displays just a few of the many testimonials from our satisfied clients, that we have received over the years.